Sweet potato fries


Last week on my way to my evening class, I had to stop by a place and get something to eat. I decided to try an organic cafe minutes from the campus. I checked out their menu and asked the waiter what she would recommend that is Gluten free. She listed a whole bunch of stuff which was all pastries, so explained to her that Gluten free is nothing made of  WHEAT.

I picked sweet potato fries. I had not eaten them before so decided to give it a shot… One minute later, that was a mistake. My stomach immediately swelled up, I felt bloated and just uncomfortable. The close equivalent to describe what I go through is having crams during our period’s ladies.

 I asked her what makes the sweet potato stay bound together as a fry and how do they cook them. Apparently they get them already sliced up and duh, covered in wheat.. GREAT. I went to class hungry but yet feeling full of gas and the effects did take about 2 days to wear off which is typical


1. Read the ingredients of everything – even chocolate

2. Ask, ask, ask what are the ingredients. We now have the nutrional values on everything, i think ingredients should now be disclosed on everything.

3. I need to figure out how i can make sweet potato fries at home for i do love sweat potatoes, I will maybe use the gluten free bread crumbs.
I may have found one, but looks like i shall need to use the oven instead of deep fry which is healthier anyway..:)


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  1. Posted by Sheila Ndirangu on April 29, 2011 at 1:05 am

    Am still trying to think what part of no wheat did she not get!!!


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